Download the full Scientific programme for the IPNC 2017 HERE.

                                           - Please note that the programme may be subject to changes



Copenhagen City hall

Tivoli Congress Center

Langelinie Pavillionen


Themes in Copenhagen 2017

Opening session: Plant nutrition for global green growth – the future bio-based society

Theme 1: Plant-microorganism interactions and nutrient acquisition

Theme 2: Nutrient functions in plants

Theme 3: Nutrient management and fertilizers in crop production

Theme 4: Nutrient uptake, transport and homeostasis

Theme 5: Nutrient availability in soils, toxicity and remediation

Theme 6: Roots and genetics of crop nutrient uptake

Theme 7: Plant nutrition and food quality

Theme 8: Nutrient cycling, ecosystems and climate change

Theme 9: New analytical methods in plant nutrition

Theme 10: Novel technologies for fertilizers and fertilization

Closing session



IPNC 2017 Copenhagen scientific committee:

Jan K. Schjørring, Professor

Søren Husted, Professor

Lars Stoumann Jensen, Professor

Andreas de Neergaard, Professor

Iver Jakobsen, Professor

Ana Assuncao, Associate professor

Pai Rosager Pedas, Associate professor

Kristian Holst Laursen, Assistant professor

Thomas C. de Bang, Postdoc

Andreas Carstensen, PhD student

Local organising committee:

Jan Kofod Schjørring

Jan Kofod Schjørring

Kristian Holst Laursen

Assistant professor
Kristian Holst Laursen

Andreas Carstensen

PhD student
Andreas Carstensen

All members are from the Plant and Soil Science Section, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, 

Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen.   ucph red small