Paper Submissions to IPNC Special Issues

Journal Special Issues
We invite participants to submit high quality papers containing novel results and mechanistic approaches to the IPNC-Special Issues which, pending peer-review, will be published in Physiologia Plantarum and Plant and Soil.

Manuscripts to the IPNC Special Issue of Physiologia Plantarum
Physiologia Plantarum will publish a special issue containing a number of selected papers focusing on various aspects of plant nutritional physiology, including (i) nutrient uptake, transport and homeostasis, (ii) nutrient functions in plants, (iii) roots and genetics of nutrient uptake, (iv) plant nutrition and food quality, (v) plant responses to climate change, and (vi) new techniques for analysis and imaging of mineral elements in plants.


Manuscripts to the IPNC Special Issue of Plant and Soil
Plant and Soil will publish a special issue containing a numer of selected papers focusing on enhancing the understanding of mechanisms underlying plant-soil interactions. Manuscripts can include both fundamental and applied aspects of mineral nutrition, plant-microbe interactions, root anatomy and agrochemistry.


We encourage you to submit your research to the special issues. The special issues from previous IPNC conferences have attracted a lot of interest and many citations.

Deadlines for paper submission will be November 1st 2017.

Papers should be submitted through the websites of the journals. More detailed information will follow here just after the conference.