Theme: Plant nutrition for global green growth – the future bio-based society (opening session)

Mike McLaughlin 2Mike McLaughlin

School of Agriculture Food and Wine
University of Adelaide

Plant nutrition for global green growth - Designing next generation fertilizers for crop nutrition



Theme: Plant-microorganism interactions and nutrient acquisition

Hans LambersHans Lambers

School of Plant Biology
University of Western Australia

Non-mycorrhizal strategies to acquire phosphorus from soils with very low phosphorus availability


Hong LiaoHong Liao

Root Biology Center
Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

Phosphorus promotes nitrogen fixation in soybean


Alan E RichardsonAlan E. Richardson

CSIRO Agriculture
London Circuit, Canberra

Exploiting the root-soil microbiome for benefit to plant nutrition



Theme: Nutrient functions in plants

Phillip J WhitePhilip J. White

The James Hutton Institute
Invergowrie, Dundee

Plant nutrients - The functional ionome



Theme: Nutrient management and fertilizers in crop production

Victoria FrenandezVictoria Fernandez

Forest Genetics and Ecophysiology Research
Technical University of Madrid

Factors affecting the permeability and efficacy of foliar fertilisers: An update


Paul E FixenPaul E. Fixen

International Plant Nutrition Institute
Research Parkway, South Dakota

Making Waves... Einstein's lessons for crop nutrition research


Leif KnudsenLeif Knudsen

Plant Innovation
Agro Food Park, SEGES

Plant nutritional challenges in an industrialized agriculture – The Danish lesson


Fusuo ZhangFusuo Zhang

Centre for Resources, Environment and Food Security
China Agricultural University

A paradigm of nutrient management for fertilizer industry and global society



Theme: Nutrient uptake, transport and homeostasis

Jian Feng MaJian Feng Ma

Institute of Plant Science and Resources
Okayama University

Node-based distribution of mineral elements in rice


Miroslav NikolicMiroslav Nikolic

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
University of Belgrade

Silicon mediates ion uptake, transport and homeostasis in plants under mineral stress


David E SaltDavid E. Salt

Institute of Biological and Environmental Sciences
University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen

The root endodermis acts as a gateway for vascular transport


Nico von WirenNicolaus von Wirén

Leibinz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research

AMT-type transporters mediate radial transport pathways and root-to-shoot translocation of ammonium



Theme: Nutrient availability in soils, toxicity and remediation

Lars StoumannLars S. Jensen

Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
University of Copenhagen

Novel green fertilizers and soil amendments promoting recirculation of plant nutrients


Leon KochianLeon Kochian

Global Institute for Food Security
University of Saskatchewan

The role of high throughput root phenotyping in crop improvement for adaptation to acid soils



Theme: Roots and genetics of crop nutrient uptake

Lixing YuanLixing Yuan

Department of Plant Nutrition
China Agricultural University

Root system architecture in maize determined by genome-wide association analysese


Fangjie ZhaoFangjie Zhao

College of Resources and Environmental Sciences
Nanjing Agricultural University

Arsenic biogeochemistry in paddy systems and impacts on crop production and quality



Theme: Plant nutrition and food quality

Martin Broadley

Martin R. Broadley 

Plant and Crop Sciences Division
University of Nottingham
United Kingdom

GeoNutrition: Spatial aspects of hidden hunger


Ismail CakmakIsmail Cakmak

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Sabanci University, Istanbul

Fighting human malnutrition with plant nutrition


Alex JohnsonAlexander Johnson

School of Biosciences
The University of Melbourne

Identification and characterization of novel metal homeostasis genes in bread wheat


Hafeez ur RehmanHafeez ur Rehman

Department of Crop Physiology
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

Genotype behaviour, water management and zinc fertilization in  different rice systems; their implications for grain zinc biofortification



Theme: Nutrient cycling, ecosystems and climate change

Jørgen OlesenJørgen E. Olesen

Department of Agroecology - Climate and Water
Aarhus University

Achieving nutrient efficient cropping systems with higher productivity and lower emissions


Marta VasconcelosMarta Vasconcelos

Catholic University of Portugal

Impact of climate change in plant nutrition



Theme: New analytical methods in plant nutrition

Søren Husted Søren Husted

Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
University of Copenhagen

Imaging and molecular speciation analysis of essential plant nutrients


Peter Kopittke Peter Kopittke

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
The University of Queensland

Synchrotron X-ray approaches for examining trace metals in plants



Theme: Closing session

Ken GillerKen Giller

Plant Production Systems
Wageningen University

Africa - The plant nutritionists paradise